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Dynamic vertical city

Bajeskwartier will have around 1350 homes, together with workspaces, studios and workshops surrounded by gardens. The district looks to the future but also does justice to its infamous past. An ambitious and all-encompassing design is needed to transform the prison site into a green, bustling urban district. Bajeskwartier has been designed as a whole, taking as its starting point a contrast between the buildings that refer to the past and buildings that are new; open, light and lively. Eleven firms of architects are working on Bajeskwartier under the leadership of OMA. The landscape is being designed by LOLA Landscape.


This internationally famous firm of architects, founded by Rem Koolhaas, is responsible for Bajeskwartier masterplan. In collaboration with LOLA Landscape and FABRICations they have produced the urban design of the entire district and ensure that all the individual buildings are in keeping with the whole. They are also designing a number of the buildings. OMA is a leading firm of architects, as its many modern and iconic buildings around the world demonstrate.

LOLA Landscape

Often it’s the buildings that are designed first, and only later the landscape architect sets to work on the space that is ‘left over’. In Bajeskwartier these have been tackled together: the buildings and landscape have been designed as an integrated whole from day one. LOLA Landscape has designed a, biodiverse and nature-inclusive garden environment with restricted car access, where people and animals can live happy and healthy lives. Greenery is incorporated around and on the buildings too, to enhance the natural environment in Amsterdam.



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