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BDF Architects

BDG Architecten
BDG Architects creates sustainable designs for education, healthcare, housing, offices and commercial buildings. It designs from the inside out. How is a space used, and what atmosphere should a building have? At BDG Architects, their typical clean and modern form always follows a function. Buildings that enhance the qualities of their surroundings and deserve to be there for a long time.

The Spinoza20first secondary school, with a sports hall and youth centre under the same roof, is one of their designs.


Form follows function

Typical of Dalton education is freedom of choice, collaboration and developing independence. That’s why the building incorporates so much variety. Students can choose from all kinds of spaces to work and learn, to suit their different skills. The spaces are well connected to each other and students ‘wander’ through the school, on their way to the next inspirational spot. In the central hall there is a multifunctional grandstand staircase that runs from the entrance to the roof. This is the perfect place to meet and organize gatherings. Patios and continuous rooflights allow daylight to penetrate deep into the building. The transparent façade links the school to the outside world. On the roof garden and in the square in front of the entrance, space will be created to get together in green surroundings.


Exceptionally sustainable

A high-spec thermal shell, low-temperature floor and air heating, CO2-controlled ventilation and PV panels make Spinoza20first an exceptionally sustainable building. The school and sports hall are connected to Bajeskwartier’s heat and cold storage system. Joints in the steel structure have been designed in such a way that the entire structure can be readily dismantled, and the biocomposite façade elements are entirely circular. At several places in the building recycled materials have been used, such as concrete granulate or the wooden sports floor of the Apollohallen. The green roof prevents the building from overheating, encourages biodiversity and helps to regulate water usage. The green façade provides food and shelter for birds and bats.

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