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FABRICations is a knowledge-intensive design practice for the design of better cities. The firm studies and designs architecture, urban development and regional strategies for healthy urban ecosystems. For all its projects the firm uses a research-by-design approach and specializes in translating relevant knowledge and science into beautiful and practical solutions that work.

Groene Toren The Groene Toren is a transformation of the former women’s prison and is to be the sustainable icon in the district. Part of the façade will be removed from the building to reveal the cell structure behind. A luxuriant garden will be created there that can be seen from afar. A striking staircase greets the public in the square in front of the main building and leads them through various gardens in the building to the roof terrace. 


The Oriole The Oriole is in the Amstel District, with the corner of the building facing the railway line. This angular orientation creates impressive sightlines from the outdoor spaces towards the Amstel river, Amstelkwartier, and Bajeskwartier itself, of course.
The roofs provide space for gardens, water collection and PV panels that are integrated in the elevation of this fifth façade. 
The entrance to the building is impressive and situated prominently on the square. The staircase is positioned in front of the lift shaft in The Oriole’s imposing atrium and enjoys daylight across all floors. Bedecked with a lush green waterfall of plants, it invites you to keep moving and use the stairs whenever possible.
Particularly special are the materials used in the façade that give The Oriole a constantly changing appearance. As you leave Amsterdam by train the façade appears pink/red, while on arrival the background colour is green.