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LOLA Landscape Architects

LOLA Architecten
LOLA Landscape Architects studies and designs ‘spatial transitions of existing cultural landscapes’. With carefully thought-out ideas and targeted interventions, LOLA (LOst LAndscapes) aims to optimize these landscapes to create beautiful, healthy and sustainable places. Since its formation in 2006, the firm has worked on trendsetting projects and has been awarded several prizes.

The relationship between man and nature in a constantly changing environment is a source of inspiration. In Bajeskwartier, this environment is dictated by the spatial layout of the former prison complex, with prison towers and exercise yards. Other sources of inspiration for the landscape design are the robust materials which were used at the time, the stepped height variations and the surrounding water. LOLA created a design that is firmly rooted in the history of the former prison, but now surrounded by luxuriant greenery.


Garden domain

There will be around 70 gardens in Bajeskwartier where residents and visitors can meet each other, enjoy sports, exercise and relax. In some of the gardens they can also grow plants and get together with others, perhaps for a picnic, an outdoor lesson with a school class, or just to be alone and listen to a podcast or read a book. These are gardens where everyone is welcome. Water gardens with a profusion of plants ensure the water circulates and is purified, after which it flows into the canal. Climbing plants will scramble up against the old prison walls to create a home for birds and insects, and fruit trees will be planted against them. Part of the wall can also be used as a climbing wall. The remains of the old buildings will be given a new function in the public spaces as street furniture, balustrades or paving, for example.


All in all, Bajeskwartier will be a green island in the city: a calm, car-free environment with a luxuriant feel. A diverse and attractive part of Amsterdam where everyone can find a favourite spot.

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