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Healthy Urban Living

Bajeskwartier is an example district for Healthy Urban Living. The design of the district contributes to a healthy and happy life. We achieve this by creating light homes, with sustainable materials, good acoustics and a healthy indoor climate. By keeping cars out of the district and filtering fine particles. But also by creating a beautiful landscape, with space for playgrounds, vegetable gardens, sports and walking. For meeting people and for peace and quiet. Our Living Lab is constantly acquiring new knowledge about how to keep Bajeskwartier healthy, both now and in the future.

Study into healthy living


How can you design the public space in a district in such a way that people feel healthier and behave more healthily? What is it that promotes happiness in such a place? How do you help people to take more exercise and encourage them to spend more time outdoors? In short, what do we need to live healthily and happily in the city? The Healthy Urban Living Lab in Bajeskwartier is seeking answers to this and many other questions. The Lab is a collaborative venture of Bajeskwartier and AMS Institute.


We are already familiar with some of the things that make people happy and healthy. Having access to green space creates a sense of wellbeing. People also need social contact, but quiet places too. Bajeskwartier is designed for social cohesion, but also offers space to retreat. Some of the gardens are laid out as vegetable gardens or pick-your-own gardens; an instant source of local, healthy food. The restaurants and cafes serve delicious and healthy dishes. Physical activity is also vital for good health and happiness and so there will be places throughout Bajeskwartier to exercise and take part in sports. The footpaths, gardens and steps in the public spaces encourage physical activity too. And finally, the homes themselves promote good health with a pleasant indoor climate, good ventilation and non-toxic materials.