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Space to grow

Bajeskwartier is to become an inspirational, bustling district, a place offering much more than just somewhere to live. There will be galleries, fantastic restaurants, a climbing route, secondary school, health centre, creative spaces and cafés. A large fresh-food market where fresh and healthy food can be bought and enjoyed is also part of the plans for Bajeskwartier.

Innovative and creative entrepreneurs who seek an inspiring environment to roll out their business will also find a home here. Large and small spaces in a variety of buildings, concentrated mainly in the Design District, will be available to rent here.


    Lofty offices and green studios in, among others, the redeveloped old Headquarters building, a new wooden office building, an exciting monumental church and the Green Tower all offer space to creative entrepreneurs looking for an inspiring environment. From industrial workspaces to studios ranging in size from 50 to 3.000m2 will become available here in the coming years. Light and often high spaces that literally and figuratively offer room for creativity. The former monumental church of the prison will be redeveloped into a surprising studio space for, for example, a design agency. The Design District is the lively heart of Bajeskwartier and welcomes entrepreneurs who want to contribute to that.

    If you are interested in more information or a conversation about the various rental opportunities Bajeskwartier has to offer, please contact Wijngaarde & Partners.


    Cultural entrepreneurs who want to exploit exhibition, event or theatre spaces will find a warm welcome in Bajeskwartier. Innovation, sustainability, learning and inspiration are the main themes in the district. Bajeskwartier therefore gives every opportunity to progressive entrepreneurs who guarantee exciting and leading concepts that can attract a large and diverse, international audience. Entrepreneurs who want to contribute to the liveliness of the area and are looking for cross-pollination with other concepts. The available spaces vary in size from 250 to 2,000 m2.

    Interested? Fill out the registration form or contact Wijngaarde & Partners.


    In the green and healthy Bajeskwartier obviously also fits special catering concepts. At four different locations in the district there is space available for entrepreneurs available for entrepreneurs who have a vision on food, healthy eating and hospitality and want to implement this in Bajeskwartier food and hospitality and here in Bajeskwartier to give substance. From from coffee shop to star restaurant. In units varying in size between 50 and 500 m2.

    Interested in more information or a conversation about the various bajeskwartier has to offer to entrepreneurs, please sign up using the registration form or contact Wijngaarde & Partners.

    Workspaces & studios

    No standard office units, but inviting and unusual spaces such as studios, loft-like units and green studios. Naturally equipped with all the necessary facilities so that every energetic and creative entrepreneur can get straight to work. Designers, photographers, architects, multimedia specialists, artists, you name it. What they have in common is that they want to contribute to this innovative green district of the future.

    If you would like more information or would like to discuss the various rental options Bajeskwartier has to offer, please contact Wijngaarde & Partners.

    Groene Toren

    In the Green Tower, symbol and landmark for everything Bajeskwartier stands for, there will be green workplaces and a rooftop restaurant, vertical urban agriculture on different floors. Education and exercise will also get a place in this tower.

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    Learning & Research

    In Bajeskwartier the focus is on inspiration, learning, experience and progress. There is a collaboration with AMS Institute to give substance to the Living Lab. Here now and in the future research will be done on the city of the future and how we can live there healthily and happily.

    The secondary school, educational programs in the Green Tower and cultural programming give substance to the theme of 'learning' in Bajeskwartier.

    Mobility hub & Parking

    Because Bajeskwartier is almost entirely free of cars, a special mobility hub is part of the program. Here residents can use sustainable transportation such as (electric) cars, bicycles and scooters. So residents, especially because of the subway station Spaklerweg right next to the district, always have a suitable means of transport at their disposal.

    The two-storey underground parking garage also provides space for approximately 420 parking spaces. Public spaces and spaces for residents. And, of course, for the vehicles of the Mobiliteitshub.

    Health and Wellbeing

    As part of the ambition to create a healthy new district of the future, Bajeskwartier will have a health center with various functions, a daycare for children of CompaNanny and rooms for sports and fitness.

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