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Under construction, completed soon

The construction of The Jay and The Robin residential tower blocks in Bajeskwartier is well underway. The Jay will be completed as early as the summer of 2024 and The Robin at the end of 2024. This means, by new-build standards, that you can move in fairly quickly!



In Bajeskwartier you buy freehold. This means that you become the owner of the apartment and the land. You are therefore not subject to leasehold conditions on the basis of which the municipality can impose conditions on the use of the land. The financial condition the municipality imposes on leaseholders is the annual payment of ground rent, which can run to thousands of euros a year. This ground rent would also be taken into account as an expense when calculating your borrowing capacity, which will be reduced as a result. This is not the case with freehold property. Click here to read more about this subject.


Gas-free and extremely energy-efficient

Bajeskwartier is energy-neutral at area level and the energy efficiency of the homes exceeds the statutory standard of the NZEB (nearly zero-energy buildings) Buildings Decree. With good insulation levels, triple glazing, solar-control glass where needed and air-tight external walls, the buildings use little energy. The majority of the homes have energy label A++.

To achieve a good balance between supply and demand, and by so doing to draw less from the energy grid, a Smart Electricity Grid is being studied in Bajeskwartier. This smart system enables us to see how energy generation can be linked to energy consumption, such as by temporarily storing the solar energy generated during the day for use in the evening. Energy is generated by solar panels, but also from organic waste from the district itself.

Bajeskwartier is not just any gas-free district. To provide the homes with heat, a solution has been chosen that is the most energy-efficient, namely collective heat and cold storage systems in the ground. These are connected via a source network to collective heat pumps to create a low-temperature thermal grid. This thermal grid works as a link to the individual homes. The sources provide underfloor heating in the winter and underfloor cooling in the summer.

A smart ventilation system is also incorporated in the buildings. The level of ventilation is determined according to need, which is measured in each room individually.


Complete with luxury kitchen and sanitary facilities

The apartments come complete with every luxury and comfort. Everything you can think of is provided, such as a kitchen fitted with Siemens appliances and a beautiful bathroom.


Green, healthy and car-free urban district

You will enjoy a long and healthy life in Bajeskwartier. It invites you to keep moving, exercise, play sports, relax and meet others. Exercise is also encouraged in the buildings themselves. You take the stairs more often, and without a car on your doorstep you’re more likely to cycle or walk. The air is cleaner with all that greenery, of course, but specific plants also capture fine particles. Bajeskwartier will restrict car traffic and with its own mobility hub provides sustainable mobility through electric shared transport. The district has been designed to be nature-inclusive. Click here to read more about this subject.


Environmentally sound, sustainable & circular

Bajeskwartier will be the new standard for circular, energy-neutral, climate-adaptive and healthy living. This is achieved by the reuse of materials from the former Bijlmerbajes, the smart use of energy and by collecting rainwater, but also by converting organic waste and kitchen food waste into power and creating vegetable gardens within the district. Click here to read more about this subject.


Bridging arrangement

If you wish to buy an apartment in Bajeskwartier and have questions about matters such as finding temporary housing when selling your current home, financing double mortgage payments or acquiring a bridging mortgage loan, contact your estate agent, who will be happy to give you advice.





Estate agents


If you have any questions about the registration to be eligible for a home or other questions regarding the owner-occupied homes, you can contact the real estate agents at any time.