The six white towers of the Bijlmerbajes were an iconic landmark in Amsterdam. Originally seven towers had been planned, but the seventh was never built. In order to ‘complete’ the urban design, the seventh tower is going to be built after all. This is The Jay, a tower block with 135 rented apartments for starters on the housing market. A spacious and pleasant communal living room will create a sense of community. The Jay is in the Amstel District, close to the metro station, and forms the entrance to the district. The style of the exterior of the modern residential tower block is a subtle reference to the style of the old prison buildings. The apartments are light and spacious in their design. The architect of the prison, Koos Pot Keegstra, worked in the style of the ‘New Objectivity’, using plain designs without ornamentation or decoration.

The new tower will have a sleek, modern design, an interesting contrast with the more transparent adjacent buildings and the lush greenery of the gardens. The Jay has been designed by OMA Architects.

    Frequently asked questions

    How many homes are being build?

    Approximately 1,350 divided into both purchase, social rental and free sector rental housing.

    What kind of homes will be build in Bajeskwartier?

    In Bajeskwartier there will soon be room for everyone. For young and and old. From singles to families. There are apartments in Bajeskwartier spread over several residential towers and apartments available range in size of approximately 20m2 to 300m2. These are 1 to 5 bedroom apartments, a large part with private outdoor space. There are also some apartments with 2 floors. Single-family homes you will not find in Bajeskwartier.

    When will the first homes be available on the market?

    The first homes will be offered to the market at the end of 2021 offered to the market. It concerns building Robin - G. If you want to be kept informed about of the exact moment of the start of the sale, you can fill out the interest form here here.

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