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Barcode Architects

Barcode Architects
Barcode Architects is an international firm of architects and specialist in high-rise buildings and residential development. They also design infrastructure or buildings for mixed use. Barcode aims to create buildings that transform and revitalize their surroundings. Buildings that arouse emotions or prompt an aesthetic reaction. Their unique buildings are designed to be beautiful and lively, but above all to unleash something in the observer.

The Robin is to stand at a prominent site in the Central District. A building with a sturdy tower that alludes to the old prison towers, around which lower building elements delicately fan out with an upward tilt, giving a sense of movement. The effect is an interesting contrast between open and closed, light and robust. This eye-catching building will be mainly residential, with 129 owner-occupied apartments ranging from 45 m2 to 116 m2. The CompaNanny daycare centre will be found on the ground floor. By opening the ground floor on all sides, a strong connection will be created with the neighbourhood and the city.


Light heart

The atrium, hidden within the heart of the building, is an imposing and unexpected element. The open space extending six floors high is the bustling heart of the building and provides space for all kinds of uses. The atrium feels like a sea of light and space and is a unique experience for both residents and visitors.


For people and animals

Circularity is key in the design of The Robin. Part of the prison wall is given a new place in the design, and much of the material from the old tower buildings is being reused. Solar panels on the tower roofs and on the highest block will generate renewable energy. In addition, The Robin is nature-inclusive, with nest boxes for birds and bats, green roofs and insect hotels. The green roof gardens are a delightful spot for both people and animals to enjoy the great outdoors in peace and quiet.

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